In iSUITE, you can search for product using the SAGE product search tool, saving you time from going back and forth between applications. However, you will need to enter in an authentication key created from within SAGEMember into iSUITE. Jarod Thorndike from SAGE was gracious enough to create a Loom video to show you how to get your credentials.

You will not be able to search product using the tool until your credentials have been entered. SAGE has also stated that if you need any assistance, your SAGE rep can help you with the process.

You will need to first create your Authentication Key and enable some settings. Here is the video Jarod from SAGE created

How to get your SAGE Authentication Key

Once you get your key, you will need to enter it in the Account section  in iSUITE (screenshot below), add in your Account Number if it isn’t already there as well. Click on Update Credentials and then Click on Test Connection.

You should see a message that says the connection was successful. If it says it failed, please confirm your Account Number, Authentication Key and that all Settings have been Enabled in the Services tab according to the video.


If further troubleshooting is needed, you can contact your SAGE rep or Affiliate Services!

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