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First, create two Jobs in the Jobs Module. For the Jobs select any two customers you like. The product you will order for each individual job will be SANM_8000. Each order will be for a total of 50 shirts of any sizes you choose. 

Then go to Bundle System and Search for SANM as vendor and find the two orders you just made.


Verify the totals at the bottom are for 100 shirts and total is over $200. 

Click Bundling Options from Review screen and make sure it only has Description, Size, Color, Style 


Select Add an Address and enter in the following Decorator address  

  • Blue Frog 

  • Add Carrier Method of Package Separately Ship Together 

Click Create PO and Review  

Select Discard without sending


You’ve completed Step 4! Keep going! Click here for Step 5 – Vendors Module

[nd_options_progress nd_options_color=”#005596″ nd_options_color_2=”#ffffff” nd_options_progress=”67″]

COMPLETED: Step 4 of 6 (67%)

The Bundled Purchase Order Module, will only find jobs where there is no active purchase order for the applicable vendor. Therefore, make sure you do not create a PO on the individual jobs you would like to Bundle together.

For consistency, it is still recommended to create the Decoration sets on each individual jobs.

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