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First, click on “Create Customer” – This will bring you to the Shipping Details Screen. 

Go ahead and create a customer and enter the Company Name

You will notice how the “ship code” automatically generates for you. You have the option of editing this yourself if you’d like to change it. 


You can now go ahead and add additional information such as their General Company Phone number and email address. You must also enter in the Shipping Address, City, State, Zip, and Country. which are required fields. 

You can also enter in other information if applicable such as Carrier Method & Account #, Tax Exempt Information, Vertical Market, and Classification


Now you can add your Customer Billing details.

You have the option of choosing whether the billing information is the same as the shipping information or you can add new details.


Now you can add Customer Contacts.

It is a best practice to add a Phone and Email to your contact to ensure customer facing communications from the system are being sent to the correct person. They will be marked as Default for this contact automatically.

The first contact you enter will also be set as all four User Roles. The User Roles are Ordering Contact, Shipping Contact, Invoicing Contact, and Accounts Receivable Contact. 


You have the ability to add on as many contacts as needed. This is helpful if you work with additional people at the company and/or they have a specific user role. For instance, you can add a contact that will receive Past Due Reminders only, this is an Accounts Receivable Contact

Once, you designate this new contact, it will remove that user role from any previous contacts added​


Congrats! You’ve successfully created a new customer. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Go to your contact list, and click the checkbox to the left of the names you would like to include. Then click on the box “Add to List”

Yes, search for the contact and select Delete Contact from the ellipsis menu

A: You can select +Add New Shipping/Billing Contact from the dropdown


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