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First, click on “Create Customer” – This will bring you to the Shipping Details Screen. 

Go ahead and create a customer. Enter the Company Name, Shipping Address, City, State, Zip, and Country. 

You will notice how the “ship code” automatically generates for you. You have the option of editing this yourself if you’d like to change it. 

You can add Carrier Method, Account #, Tax Exempt Information, Vertical Market, Classification, and Sales Rep. 


Now you will create Ordering and Shipping Contacts. 

Please enter a Contact Name, E-mail, Phone Number, and any notes. You can select your Shipping Contact to be the same as your Ordering Contact or create a new one. 


Now you can add your billing details. 

You have the option of choosing whether the billing information is the same as the shipping information or you can add new details.


Now you can add billing contacts. 

You can use the same contacts you used for ordering and shipping or you can create new contacts for invoicing or accounts receivable. 


Congrats! You’ve successfully created a new customer. 

Now you can look at the customer list module. 

Here, you can filter between shipping and billing customers, search by keywords, filter by sales rep, search by master customer, and download lists. 


You can also create contact lists from this screen. Click on the “Contacts” tab and select a couple of contacts. 

You will then click on “Add to List” 

This allows you to have better organization of your customers and contacts.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Go to your contact list, and click the checkbox to the left of the names you would like to include. Then click on the box “Add to List”

Yes, search for the contact and select Delete Contact from the ellipsis menu

A: You can select +Add New Shipping/Billing Contact from the dropdown


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