Let’s get started!

First, create a new presentation. You can select any customer you would like. You will want to click on “Create Presentation” 

You can name this presentation anything you would like, as well as add any introduction, customer needs by or expiration dates, or terms and conditions. 

Whether you are a SAGE or ASI user, you will be able to select the appropriate option to begin finding your products. 


When searching for product to put into your product showcase, go ahead and type in “PC54”  in the item number field. This shirt from SanMar should come up in the search, go ahead and click on “Order Now” (This will appear when you hover your mouse under the cost) 

Now you can edit pricing for this item. You can go ahead and add whatever Max Price, Min Price, Max Cost, or Min Cost that you’d like. 

Once you are on the Product Showcase screen, you can go ahead and add another product. You can add any other product of your choosing using any of the product research filters available. 


Now that you have added your products to the product showcase, you can make more changes to your presentation. 

Go ahead and add a title to your presentation. This will give you the option of adding category titles to your showcase. Once you’ve created a title, you can drag items into that category. Add another title, you can name it whatever you like, this will allow you to put each item you have added to the showcase in its own category. You can do so by dragging the item. 


You now can edit the template for your showcase!

Here, you have the options of using small or large images, price range or quantity- based pricing table, and font and color. Make any changes you would like and then “Save Style” – Now you can have this style template saved for future use. 


Now let’s preview the showcase!

You can send your presentation directly to your customer. This allows your customer to make comments to you about your presentation and you can comment back to them. 

You can also download your presentation as  PDF. 


Now let’s convert this product showcase into a detailed quote!

You can check off your desired colors and sizes, as well as add quantities and pricing. 


Once you are on the detailed quote page, you can now add more products, add charges, and add titles to your quote. 

Go ahead and add a charge and a title to your quote. 

Now you can send this to your customer or download as a PDF.


Now that we’ve created both a product showcase and a detailed quote, we can now convert this into a live order!

This will prompt you to the create new order screen, all you will have to do here is verify the information is correct and check yes or no on whether this is a Rush order or a Sample order.

Congrats, you’ve successfully created a product showcase and a detailed quote!


You’ve completed Step 2! Keep going! Click here for Step 3 –  Jobs Module

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COMPLETED: Step 2 of 6 (33%)

A: Presentations is the module that gives you the ability to send Showcases (Product Ideas) and/or a Detailed Quote (Product Pricing and Qtys) to your customer as a live interactive web link.

A: Presentations is the module that gives you the ability to send Showcases (Product Ideas) OR a Detailed Quote (Product Pricing and Qtys) to your customer as a live interactive web link. When starting the presentation you can simply select to start at the Detailed Quote stage instead of the Showcase stage.

A: Currently there is no longer a Quote template. However, the Customer Acknowledgement document is very similar, and we can even tailor to look more like the Quote template you’re used to if you like.

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