# of unique Affiliates who placed an order through iSUITE last week


# of unique Affiliates who placed an order through iSUITE this year


# of orders placed through iSUITE last week


# of orders placed through iSUITE this year


% of orders that were placed through iSUITE last week

As of January 1, 2022 all orders must be placed through iSUITE

XOMS to be retired in

Major Milestones


Starting January 1st 2022, iSUITE will be the primary Order Management System and all new orders should be placed in iSUITE. There is still time to participate in our training resources available to you before the beginning of the year. Take advantage before the end of the year sneaks up and access some of the helpful training resources and materials located in the Tips, Tricks and FAQs section of this page.  Schedule a small group training session with Eric Porter and Nicole Ridlon, watch one of the demos for an overview, or attend one of the next update webinars held on the 3rd Thursday of every month!

We continue to hear your feedback and requests. Below are some of the most popular requests that will be implemented and will all be exclusive to iSUITE!
  • Re-order Report
    • We are in the final paces of releasing this great marketing and sales tool! This will allow Affiliates to run reorder reports that can easily be sent to clients to prompt reorders or even start discussions for new projects.


  • SAGE Presentation Import
    • Available in this upcoming release, you will see this new integration that will allow you to pull Presentations directly from your SAGE tool and begin to finish your order in iSUITE reducing the need to re-key in certain information.


  • ESP Presentation Import
    • Also coming soon, pushing your orders to iSUITE will now be simple, with orders created in ESP automatically appearing in iSUITE. No more re-keying orders! Training dates will be available shortly.


  • HubSpot CRM Integration
    • You may have already seen the placeholders through the system, but functionality will be turned on shortly as well. This new feature will allow you to send your iSUITE customers and contacts to HubSpot giving you the ability to send iPROMOTEu generated email templates that will increase productivity!!

Recent Enhancements

  • Promostandards 
    • We have started to integrate with vendors to provide you with more accurate and timely information around your orders.

List of vendors implemented:

  • AAAU    AAA Innovations/Umbrellaformer
  • AMERCO    Americanna Co.
  • BICG    Koozie Group
  • BROD    Alphabroder Companies
  • ETCH    Etching Industries/St. Regis
  • GEML    Gemline
  • HITP    Hit Promotional Products
  • HUBP    Hub Pen
  • ICICLE    Iclicle River Company
  • LOGOM    Logomark, Inc.
  • MAGNET    Magnet LLC
  • NUMO    Numo Manufacturing
  • SANM    SanMar
  • SEVI    Seville Gear
  • SNUG    Snugz USA
  • SSAC    S&S Activewear
  • STARL    Starline USA

Statuses you may see:

  • Order Received
  • Order Entry Hold
  • Order Confirmed
  • Pre-Production
  • General Hold
  • Credit Hold
  • Proof Hold
  • Art Hold
  • Back Order Hold
  • In Production
  • In Storage
  • Partial Shipment
  • Complete
  • Canceled

What's Coming Soon

Here are some of the exciting features we are working on exclusive to iSUITE!
  • Changes to the Disputes Submission Process
    • Work is being done to make the disputed submission and follow up process more streamlined and communication more efficient


  • Decoration Module and Purchase Order Template Optimizations     
    • The Decoration Template was made to help organize your decoration set information for your suppliers. We have received feedback from both suppliers and affiliates that some more changes can be made to the template to streamline information.

Dates to Remember

  • 09.30.21:  No new updates for XEBRA and XOMS
  • 12.31.21:    XEBRA and XOMS to be retired
  • 01.01.22:   All orders to be submitted through iSUITE



Entering Apparel Orders in iSUITE

Entering in Apparel Orders and then decorating the items is a snap!

Watch the video below for a demo on entering an apparel order.

iSUITE Help Room


An Affiliate Services Specialist is available Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 5:30 pm ET to answer any iSUITE questions, for troubleshooting and screen sharing.

Use the link below to access the help room ⬇️ 

Questions? Reach out to Affiliate Services at

Monthly Webinar

On the 3rd Thursday of each month at 3:30pm ET join our monthly webinar to receive updates on bug fixes and usability improvements that have gone into production.

Join the webinar ⬇️ 

Small Group Sessions

Every Tuesday & Wednesday from  3:30pm ET – 4:30pm ET these small group sessions are available to answer questions, showcase areas of interest in the system, and receive feedback in a more personal setting. Each session is 30 minutes and is capped at 5 participants.  If your chosen session is full you will be moved to the next available time slot.

You can schedule a session here ⬇️

Small Group Session Time Slot

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