Major Milestones

You can view the Projects and Pending Prioritization List on the iSUITE Resources landing page on the Affiliate WebZone.


As we continue to make improvements, it is always a good practice to log out of your iSUITE session periodically to ensure you are in the most current instance of iSUITE. The system currently does not refresh and log you out. Eventually we will add this in to make it more seamless when we make updates. But until then, you can log out, by going to your Account Dropdown next your name and select Logout.

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Here are some major changes that were implemented in this latest release

Updates to the Attachments section in Documents

Made a change to the Attachments section to allow sorting of File Type/Name as well as adding columns for Date/Time Created and User that attached. Created can also be sorted

Recent Enhancements

Tax Message added to Draft Invoice Page in Canada

To help ensure taxes on specific items are reviewed prior to Draft approval, as message has been added in the Draft Portal in iSUITE Canada

Expanded Drop Down Options Within Disputes Ticket Module

When entering a Dispute some of the options have been changed to provide more accurate information to help the dispute move along faster.


1st Question has additional reasons added


Select the reason for claiming this dispute:

  • Returned Goods (unwanted returns returns) wrong color, wrong size, etc.
  • Returned Goods (duplicate shipment, incorrect goods)- Supplier Error
  • Wrong Color, Wrong Size, Customer Rejected
  • Damaged Goods
  • Lost In Transit
  • Missed Deadline
  • Incorrect Pricing
  • Cancelled Order
  • Freight Cost Discrepancy
  • Other

2nd question has added outcomes


Select your preferred outcome:

  • Redo at no cost
  • Credit accommodation for full order
  • Partial credit accommodation (discount)
  • Credit correcting cost
  • Freight credit


The 3rd question now reads “In a brief statement please let us know the reason for the dispute. Please provide as much information as possible.*If you already contacted the vendor regarding this dispute, provide when and whom you spoke to for further follow-up. This will avoid duplication of efforts for resolution.”


The 4th question has been changed from free type text box to a drop down with the following options:

  • Affiliate
  • Customer
  • Decorator
  • Unknown Location (items delivered to the wrong location)


The 5th question now reads “If merchandise was returned you will need to provide RMA numbers, return tracking information for credit resolution.*Please note if return information is not provided the dispute will be rejected until sch information is provided.”




  • Fixed a bug where the Contact Name was displaying differently on Reorder report email viewer and downloaded Word document
  • Fixed a bug where the Line Item status was not changing to Shipping for PO Sent items
  • Fixed a regression where deleting a file was not staying deleted when re-entering View/Send
  • Fixed a bug where the email was giving the wrong alert when the email body contained an image

What's Coming Soon

Here are the next exciting features we are working on for iSUITE!

  • Decorating the same product from multiple vendors

Researching how to implement functionality that allow users to decorate the same product from different vendors when using the Decoration Module


  • Ability to view .esp files and ,ai files in Decoration Module and Artwork Module

Researching a 3rd party tool that will allow users to view these types of files without having a native reader


  • Ability to mark certain apparel as tax exempt (iSUITE Canada)

Looking to implement a field that will allow users to mark certain apparel as tax exempt in iSUITE Canada


  • Hover view to display 1st vendor and 1 line-item description when viewing Job Results

Adding in a hover view that will display 1st vendor and 1 line-item description when viewing Job Results, so that users can view the drop down to see basic information about the job without using the dropdown arrows


  • Enhancing Signatures Account Settings

Adding enhancements to the new Signature section to provide ability to override contact information and messages shown on Presentations and other customer facing documentation such as Customer Acknowledgements, Basic Quotes etc.


  • Presentation Module Enhancements

Development has begun and implementation should be within the next two Sprints. Some of the improvements include better organization of information, a more streamlined process to add products to Showcases, as well as larger images for the Presentations.



  • Adding ability to email and export tracking. 

Feature enhancement to allow Affiliate users the ability to be able to export tracking numbers


iSUITE Updates
Webinar Recording

Sending an email to the Invoice Team outside of the Draft Portal


If you have a Job that you would like to prebill that is currently and New Status and the Ready to Bill option is not available, you can use the Invoice Email & Add Note feature to send a quick email to them to get your job in the queue.


Go to Notes > Add Note >Select Invoicing as the Type


You can then write a comment with what you are requesting and click on Email & Add Note. This will send to the Invoice Team


SAGE and ASI Credential Setup in iSUITE

If you are a SAGE or ASI user, you will want to take advantage of their integrations, which provide a streamlined and easy order entry process. To do so, you will want to ensure your credentials are correctly set up in your “Account” section in iSUITE.

SAGE USER: please follow the link below for a video tutorial and instructions on how to get your credentials set up:

Entering Your SAGE Authentication Key for ISUITE – iPROMOTEu Affiliate Webzone

ASI USER:  please e-mail and they can get your credentials set up for you.

If you have questions or need help on the setup, please feel free to visit our Open iSUITE Help Room to chat with an Affiliate Services member. You can also visit our iSUITE Resources Page on the Affiliate Webzone for training materials, to schedule a one-on-one training, and more!

Monthly Webinar

On the 3rd Thursday of each month at 3:30pm ET join our monthly webinar to receive updates on bug fixes and usability improvements that have gone into production.

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Projects and Pending Prioritization List

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