Major Milestones

We continue to make improvements to the iSUITE system thanks to all of your valuable feedback! Please continue to submit your feedback, issues, and enhancement requests to All feedback that is received through is logged into our system and discussed weekly. As items become prioritized they are added into the two-week Sprint Cycle. Not all requests will be placed into a Sprint immediately and will be added to the Pending Requests list. As more Affiliates provide examples, there is a chance an item will be added to the priority list for a future release.

You can now view the  NEW Projects and Pending Prioritization List  on the iSUITE Resources landing page on the Affiliate WebZone.

TIP: As we continue to make improvements, it is always good practice to log out of your iSUITE session periodically to ensure you are in the most current instance of iSUITE. The system currently does not automatically refresh and log you out. We plan to implement this feature in the near future. You can log out of iSUITE through the Account Dropdown next to your name and select Logout.


The implementation for the new Customer Shipping Review Screen will be added into iSUITE This change has been made to provide more organization of the information within the customer review screen and show much more detailed information regarding your customer. This is a significant change to the UI therefore, we wanted to provide an alert to affiliates in preparation. While we feel this will beneficial for all affiliates, we wanted to start with some changes that will not heavily impact users who are still getting acclimated to order entry.

Please watch the demo video available below.

Recent Enhancements

Users can no longer Discard a PO, if a PDF has been downloaded

The Discard button is now greyed out, if a PDF of the PO has been downloaded, preventing the possibility of inadvertently discarding a PO that you have submitted outside the system.

 Job Number now displayed on Revise Screens

We have added the Job number to display on the Revise PO screens, to make it easy to identify and confirm the job number.

Automated Artwork Note

When artwork is attached in the Decoration Module, it will now display a note in the Decoration set instructions “**Artwork has been provided. Please click on Artwork link to retrieve artwork ** to help make it clear to suppliers where to look for artwork.

Updated the functionality of when attachments are larger than 10MB

Added in some usability fixes for when Attached file size limit is larger than 10MB. The attachments will be listed in inline and the messaging will be clearer for suppliers.

Message that shows previous to sending PO

PO that supplier receives

Vertical Market List has been Alphabetized

The selections in the Vertical Market list are now in alphabetical order  instead of the creation order as it had been previously.

Update Alert Message for “Could Not Retrieve PO Document Data”

This error is presented when the PO information fails to upload during transmission. Therefore, the message has been updated to make it clearer of the error “Due to an error this transmission has timed out. Please discard and recreate your purchase order momentarily.”

Recolored the Create PO Button

Added similar button color style to the PO buttons as some users found it difficult to see


  • Fixed an issue where the same date for goods and decoration done by the same vendor was not being added when repeating a job
  • Fixed a Bug where when pressing Regenerate Draft invoice, it was bringing users back to the Jobs page
  • Fixed a Bug where when revising a PO that has a Blank Goods receiving list, it removed the Blank Goods list
  • Fixed a bug in Safari where REQUESTED SHIP DATE and IN HANDS DATE were set to empty while updating the decoration module.
  • Fixed a Bug where Cost Only lines were still showing on the Drafts.
  • Fixed an issue where the Basic Quote Document was not using the Customer Facing Descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where the Customer Facing Description was not displaying in the Grant Approval section of the Draft Portal
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll bar for Carrier/Method was starting at the bottom of the choices.

What's Coming Soon

Here are the next exciting features we are working on for iSUITE!

Here are the next exciting features we are working on for iSUITE!

Presentation Module Enhancements

Screen mockups have been started for new screens and improved functionality. More details to come as we continue to have discussions on this enhancement.

Changes on how Custom Product/Add Charge function

We are looking for a way to make the user experience of creating Custom Product and Adding Charges more streamlined and more comprehensive. More news on this new functionality will be coming shortly.

Changes to the Draft Manager and Customer Acknowledgment Creation Screens and Template

We have received feedback regarding adding fields for Ship Date, In Hands Date, as well as Carrier/Method for these two documents. We plan to implement these changes within the next two development Sprints! 

 Known Bugs/Issue being worked on

  • Bugs with Repeating Jobs and Line items
    • Users have been reporting issues where line items that have been copied or from Repeat Jobs are not bringing over the correct information.


Decoration Module

You can now add multiple pieces of artwork in the Decoration Module! Simply continue pressing Add from Computer or Add Library and you will be able to add as many pieces as needed. Additionally, there will be an automated note that the artwork is located on the PO via a link in the Artwork Instructions. Artwork links will be listed individually in the Artwork section.

SAGE and ASI Credential Setup in iSUITE

With the end of the year and the retirement of Xebra/XOMS fast approaching, we want to make sure you are properly set up to begin using the new system with ease.

If you are a SAGE or ASI user, you will want to take advantage of their integrations, which provide a streamlined and easy order entry process. To do so, you will want to ensure your credentials are correctly set up in your “Account” section in iSUITE.

SAGE USER: please follow the link below for a video tutorial and instructions on how to get your credentials set up:

Entering Your SAGE Authentication Key for ISUITE – iPROMOTEu Affiliate Webzone

ASI USER:  please e-mail and they can get your credentials set up for you.

If you have questions or need help on the setup, please feel free to visit our Open iSUITE Help Room to chat with an Affiliate Services member. You can also visit our iSUITE Resources Page on the Affiliate Webzone for training materials, to schedule a one-on-one training, and more!

Monthly Webinar

On the 3rd Thursday of each month at 3:30pm ET join our monthly webinar to receive updates on bug fixes and usability improvements that have gone into production.

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Small Group Sessions

Every Tuesday & Wednesday from  3:30pm ET – 4:30pm ET these small group sessions are available to answer questions, showcase areas of interest in the system, and receive feedback in a more personal setting. Each session is 30 minutes and is capped at 5 participants.  If your chosen session is full you will be moved to the next available time slot.

You can schedule a session here ⬇️

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Projects and Pending Prioritization List

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