Enhancement RequestStatus/Notes/ExamplesFunction ModuleReported by
When adding a related item to product, please have the supplier auto-populate Add Related ItemMarc Turko
UNABLE TO CHANGE TEXT PREFACING THE PO’S - THIS MUST BE EDITABLE – (Referring to the body of the email field)Affiliate permissionsMichelle Cochran
Need to be able to edit the sales rep on a job Affiliate Permissions as a whole need to be reviewed Affiliate PermissionsDan Flynn
Is there a way to make it so the affiliates can mark customers as INACTIVEThis is being worked on Affiliate PermissionsChris Hartley
It is SUPER IMPORTANT to be able to upload the artwork for each line item when we are seeing the description of the line item. I cannot imagine not being able to do that. It would create a TON of confusion.Art WorkChris Hartley
When you click on Add Art from Computer, would like the ability to drag and drop art files.This is functionalArt WorkDan Flynn
Up the MB amount alllowed for files that can be attached ArtworkKen Alfiero /HMM
Why are there so many tabs for Artwork and Documents, these tabs should be combined to make room on the Job ScreenDuplicate Request Artwork Library Multiple Affiliates
When clicking on a file in the Artwork Library, affiliates would like the ability to download the file. Artwork Library Ryan Carney
Ability to delete attached artwork from the artwork tab instead of having to go to the “Documents” tab and selecting attachmentsArtwork Library Tom McDonald
Would like the ability to search artwork by Customer contact instead of just file name Artwork Library Chris Hartley
Would like to be able to add folders in the artwork library for even better organization. Artwork Library Nancy Carter
If the Artwork link is there on the PO, have a description of what is in the link such as # of attachments etc.Artwork Link
Allow users to be able to see bundled POs that contain one or more of their orders, if created by a non rep employee/main affiliateBundled PO Nancy Carter
Ability for reps to see Bundled Pos; other requested fixes to Bundled PO systemBundled PO Dan Flynn Group
Sort by vendor in Bundled PO section Bundled PO Mat Olivari
On Bundled PO’s, have it ignore individual order ship dates because they should all ship togetherBundled PO
Would like feature from XOMS where you can copy a line item from a different job. ImplementedCreate JobMultiple Affiliates
Would like to see live inventory on X Source elgibile items like you can in XOMSImplementedCreate JobDan Hangey
Consolidated Line Item feature needs to be implemented ImplementedCreate JobKen Alfiero
System should prevent you from moving forward when there are certain fields that should be filled out.This should be working Create JobChris Hartley
Ability to add a new custom product from Add Item page or from Product Search, in case there is a size or color that is not showing as available. ImplementedCustom ProductMichele Cochran
Ability to create a custom product without a supplier ImplementedCustom ProductMichelle Cochran
When creating a custom product, if there is no information in the description fields it displays “NA NA” at the end on job documents. Those lines should just be omitted if no information is in themFixed Custom ProductJim Nolin
Needs to be an ability to delete a custom product that was created in error. Allowed if not on an active jobCustom ProductDan Hagney
Multi-Level pricing box when creating Custom ProductCustom ProductEileen Keely
Ability to save alternate addresses for future useCustomerMultiple Affiliates
Prefers to be able to search for current contacts instead of having to create them every time if they already exist. Similar to XOMSImplementedCustomerMultiple Affiliates
Wishes the system would not allow you to enter a state that did not match the zip code. CustomerChris Hartley
Searching for shipping contacts on iSUITE upon order creation: When searching for a shipping contact in XOMS, I was able to type in the numerical address of the shipping contact and then the customer ID would appear as shown in the attachment. I do not see an option for that on iSUITE. We use this feature to enter orders because we have multiple clients that fall under a big client umbrella. For clarification, XOMS will allow you to press the magnifying glass and you can then search by address info as well. iSUITE does not provide this opportunity) see email CustomerGeorge Santiago
Would like to be able to type in two letters and State reconizes the keystrokes and picks the correct state. It seems now it only recognizes the last imputed keystroke. For instance want to add in UT, when you press T it goes to CT. This is more concise now CustomerChris Hartley
When I search for a client, then I go to the "three dots" on the right side. It would be helpful if one of the options was view "ALL" orders. Not just open orders. CustomerKimberly Anderson
A customer # for the business & a client # for the contact is key so that we can match CRM data to iSUITE….NOTE: While you can add multiple phone numbers, perhaps a way to label them would help CustomerMichelle Cochran
When sending documents to customers (copy of invoices, etc.) it would be nice to be able to search database and choose contacts before sending.CustomerChris Hartley
Ability to build a contact list like you can in XOMS - Customers >Contact ListCustomerKen Alfiero
When adding a contact to an existing customer, it doesn’t automatically save to the billing profile.  Can we have it so that there is a workflow that asks to save it to the billing profile as well CustomerMarc Turko
Need to be able to enter a phone extension CustomerChris Hartley
Credit Card Terms process change being reviewed with Finance CustomerChris Hartley
 I have my own CRM I work with, and may time copy from the CRM and paste into XOMS. I noticed with phone numbers, if I cut and paste into iSUITE, it cuts off at 10 spaces. Therefore if there are parentheses around the area code, it counts the parentheses as the spaces, and cuts off the rest of the numbers. It should accept the number and format automaticallyCustomerKimberly Anderson
Preference functionality to either auto create customer code or be allowed to create on their own by default Customersmultiple Affiliates
In XOMS one could click on the customer’s email address and it would generate a blank email with the address already entered. Could this feature be applied to iSuite?CustomersNancy Etkin
Invoicing contact’s e-mail should populate into Email Invoices To fieldThis is being worked on with other email fixes Customers Chris Hartley
Ability to add multiple attachments at the same time in Decoration DecorationEileen Keely
Proof Required should default to Yes rather than No, as most Affiliate would want a proof and accidentally missing this step could hurt the order. Also provide a proof line item, with ability to remove the actual line item if they choose. DecorationMultiple Affiliates
Job number should be displayed on all screens. She had to get out of the decoration module to find the job number and lost what she was working on. DecorationLinda Seder
Line item description: Doesn’t like how the imprint color information shows on the first lineDecorationKimberly Anderson
Chris wants there to be an “event” button similar to request proof, so that the vendor knows there is an event that cannot be missed. DecorationChris Hartley
Requesting a button for proof where you can update the status of the proof. (approved, updated, etc)DecorationNancy Etkin
Ability to choose canned releated items such as art charges, setups, proofs etc. Fixed DecorationMultiple Affiliates
Unable to change vendor contact on line item prior to preparing PO. Wondering if it can be changed like a By From field in XOMSFixed Decoration Line ItemKathleen Nassi
A status to help identify items being returned for a full credit that are not necessarily a disputeDispute Module Chris Hartley
Ability to open up the job summary from the disputes module and view dispute details Dispute Module Chris Hartley
Make text Red when a job is in Dispute like it does in Xebra to help differentiate from other jobs. Dispute Module
Can you differentiate the colors or have the label say DRAFT instead of INVOICE in the job documents tab?  We need to know which one is the final one so we don’t send the wrong copy.Documents TabChris Hartley
Feels the Draft portal should be consistent with the scheme of iSUITE, calls it the old site. Additionally, when you click the draft link it points to a XOMS URL not an ISUTE URL Draft Portal Michelle Cochran
Preferences functionality to choose what documents affiliates/reps/admins are copied on Email HMM, AFP
Confusion on no-reply email address Ongoing discussion Email Multiple Affiliates
The outgoing email does not show the extension. This could lead to more confusionEmail Chris Hartley
Please add IDA as an automatic cc for all docs that are emailed (vendor & client facing). We should we receive copies in our mail so we know what factory and clients receive when they are sent..this was implemented, but now needs to be reassed, see Line 54Email Michelle Cochran
Ability to change the email that is being sent from there is a workaround Email Rhonda Wingo
Show check number when looking up customer payment historyFinancial Tab Jim Gonzalez
Needs the ability to repeat a line item. ImplementedJobMary Quinlan
A Hide all item numbers option after line items have been created instead of going through them one by one or a way to make it defaultJobMultiple Affiliates
Ability to search with address in "Shipping Customer" fieldDuplicate Request Job Creation George Santiago(HMG)
Checkboxes for Self Promo orders and Split Ship orders.Job Creation Susan Woolf
Request to reject job like there is in xomsJob DetailMultiple Affiliates
Need to add Pre-bill Request Button as well as other option under More Menu)Job DetailMultiple Affiliates
Ability to update ship dates for multiple lines at once rather than needing to go into each line. A product and its related charges will have the same ship dateCan be done through Reopen Grid as long as same vendorJob DetailTom McDonald
Would we be able to make it whenever you click an item. It would link to the same screen where it shows all of the costs that may be associated (see second screen). Job DetailEric Porter
Basic information missing from the Job Detail section of the Job Summary such as Create Date, Order Date, Invoice Date, Paid Date, Paid Week DateJob DetailMultiple Affiliates
Would like left/right arrows to toggle between line items like in previous XOMS/XebraDuplicate Request Job DetailMichelle Cochran
Ability to make a quote from the jobs module in addition to the presentation module. USE CASE: Starts an order as samples and then would like to quote product keeping the samples and the new order together. She also mentioned the ability to copy line items from an existing job into a presentation to assist with this.Ongoing discussion Job DetailMultiple Affiliates
Wants a quick calculator on the dashboard. Where she could plug in pricing and calculate margin. She understands this is not high priority but asked me to bring it up. This is brought up alot by affiliates in generalJob DetailJenny Shazes
Would like to see vendors listed on Jobs page. Job DetailDan Flynn
The word cost is used to reflect two different things. On product selection page cost is retail yet once you select product then cost changes to reflect cost and min / max reflect retail. Storm tech products seem to list cost and min / max prices but SanMar products did not. These could be sage issues/ not isuite; not sure. 1- Cost on product selection page does not match the retail suppliers’ site: Carhartt was way over the SanMar web site retail price. Storm Tech items 4000, 6565, 3160 were less than the storm tech web site.Job DetailTom McDonald
Would like to know if documents were sent directly. A folder of sent items.Job DetailMark Turko
Would like to be able to have a column on the jobs screen to put our own statuses (proof approved, etc.) Job DetailNancy Carter
A way to swap out items instead of deleting and replacing Job DetailGreg Christman
Ability to search by Master Customer on Jobs screen Being worked on Job DetailEileen Keely
Alternate Address search from previously used addressescomplicated fixJob DetailAngie Kaney (AVG)
Additonally, an ability to search for contacts in the Customer Module by Master Customer Code Job Detail Eileen Keely
Ability to sort job documents by newest to oldestJob DocumentsKimberly Anderson
Would like the ability to view all jobs on one page with a scroll rather than go through pages. Job ListSherri Krenk
When searching from the jobs module, Option to reset the filters should be on the first screen and not hidden under advanced tab This section was revised and the Reset is no longer hiddenJob ListDan Hagney
Would like to see contacts displayed in the jobs listJob ListTracy Cambell
Would like the canned notes to be available like they are inXebra/XOMS. Examples: “approved proof” “sent order acknowledgment” etc Job NotesMichelle Cochran
Email button from the jobs notes to notify various departments – i.e. job shipped complete - request invoice and bill — we could simply send that note when adding to invoice team directly from system. Then if doc not there, it can trigger the factory contact for documentJob NotesMichelle Cochran
Chris wanted to know if the “View Ship Date” squares could be editable to change the dates on the line item. This would avoid going into each line item to change the datesJob Summary Chris Hartley
Need to be able to see what Bundle a line item is apart of like you can in XOMSLine item detail
Copy Line item feature Line Item DetailMultiple Affiliates
When will you be able to upload an image to a line item and override the imageLine Item DetailChris Hartley
When you click into a line item, would like the vendor additional information box to be bigger. Would like it to be consistent with other additional information text fields and to be a large box, not a long line. Line Item DetailJenny Shazes
When adding an Alternate ship to address, there needs to be the ability to "Copy from customer or copy from vendor" like Xebra….Line Item DetailMichele Cochran
Add Vendor Quote field and special notes when adding item instead of having to enter it and then go fill in details.Line item detailMichelle Cochran
Would like the fields that are titled Description to be labeled something more descriptive, feels they are too vague - Color, Imprint, Instructions etc.Line Item DetailChris Hartley
Line Item scroll (Missing Feature)Duplicate Request Line item detailMultiple Affiliates
When creating an order acknowledgment, if you had the abiltiy to select which items you would like to have included on the acknowledgment, similar to the functionality of the Quoting section in XOMS. Order Acknowledgement Mutliple Affiliates
A way to select which items they want to show on an OADuplicate Request Order Acknowledgement Multiple Affiliates
Order Acknowledgment changes$ to show and commas Order Acknowledgement Corinne Cutrone and Benefit Marketing
Mary would like to see a dollar amount when adding payment. This came from her being able to run the card on file, Eric and I were not sure if this was an intended feature or a bugPaymentMary Quinlian
There needs to be a better way to unselect and then select products. When you unselect all it doesn’t allow you to chose single products, you have to sit there and uncheck them all individually. (Presentation)PresentationMultiple Affiliates
Need to have additional charges and $ amount (set up, pms match, etc) automatically show up on each item so we can check mark the ones we want to be shown on presentation/quote to client. This is how Sage does it and eliminates more work on entering each additional charge manually for every line item/product. If it is NOT shown in iSUITE then I will have to leave iSUITE and look up cost of each line item additional charges in Sage or on vendor website. This would definitely be EXTRA work for me to look up for every product item quoted and take up way too much time.You can now see those by clicking on the item linkPresentationDebbie Long
Would like to see the Pricing Grid show when confirming pricing during Detailed Quotes PresentationMultiple Affiliates
It would be nice to be able to add quantity price in the first window and not have to order then go back to edit. PresentationDan Hagney
Would like to be able to select contact under quote module after changes were made.PresentationMark Turko
Need setup on the first window PresentationDan Hagney
Would like the quote template to say quotation at the top of the document like it does in XOMSPresentationMarc Turko
When you select the named colors it does not remove the corresponding pics and the pics on the left only show 5 options at a time – you need to deselect them and then go out and come back in to get the next set of pics to deselect PresentationLes Sattin
Default template – still need to edit product details if you want to use quantity break, even if you edit the templateThis might be a bug PresentationDan Flynn
Ability to insert an outside link in the presentationPresentation
Notification email to the affiliate to be added when a comment is added to the showcase/quote by the customerPresentationEric
Would like to see the Customer info and Job Name added to the Review and confirm screeen as a summary in case she has to walk away will easily be able to see who job is for, before converting Quote to Job PresentationLinda Seder
Easier de-selection of products when converting from Showcase to Quote PresentationJim Nolin
Pricing notes in presentationsPresentationGreg Christman
Ability to add Decoration charges in presentation lodule PresentationMultiple Affiliates
Notes section available in Presentations Module PresentationRhonda Wingo
Detailed Quotes from Re-ordersPresentationDan Flynn Group
Regarding price discrepancies, change the status of the line item from VOUCHED to DISCREPANCY and change the color of that rectangle brighter so this grabs our attentionPrice DiscrepancyChris Hartley
Would like it if iSUITE alerted you to a price discrepancy and then gave you the option to accept the discrepancy or mark as a dispute so that the discrepancy then clears. Price DiscrepancyMichelle Cochran
It would be helpful if the color options stayed visible on left after scrolling to the correct size.Product SearchAlison Endicott
SAGE product search fixes and make more concise OngoingProduct SearchMultiple Affiliates
When creating a PO and changing the alternate address with copy from vendor, would like a field to add an attention to/customer PO. This will make it so the decorator can easily locate the blank goods when they receive it. the IPU PO number is not always helpful to them.ImplementedPurchase Order Jim Nolin/Kathleen Nassi
Add artwork on POs and OA and the ability to view attached artwork when sending PO.Purchase Order Multiple Affiliates
If there are multiple vendors on a job, Dan thought it was be nice if there was some sort of status on the Jobs screen that could indicate whether there are still purchase orders that need to be created in said job. Similar to the feature in XOMS where you can tell if a PO was created for the lines using the accordian plus sign.Purchase Order Dan Hagney
Feedback on the workflow on the Create PO steps. Affiliate would like to see the information they entered each step along the way to ensure it was saved correctly. For example after the shipping information or additional instructions are entered, it is not seen again until the document is reviewed. Purchase Order Michelle Cochran
Greta would like to be able to choose between EDI and emailing. She prefers to email POs to these suppliers. This has been echoed by other affiliatesthe system chooses best option, if it is EDI elgibile than it will go if not (any sort of commentary it wil not)Purchase Order Greta McChesney and other affiliates
After adding a decorator to blank apparel, can the alternate address for the blank goods default to the decorator that was already selected?Purchase Order Chuck Feldman
Add Vendor total on POPurchase Order Mary Quinlan
PO email screen does not have the “would you like to send again” alert like in xomsPurchase Order Linda Miller
Would like a specific PO made for print – more print friendly options in iSUITE. Purchase Order Sean Pettit
Alison wants her purchase orders to read “ASAP” instead of having a ship date. Purchase Order Alison Endicott
Voided PO’s are not grayed out under jobs - frequently with apparel orders customer call back and add items so we have have 2 accurate apparel po’s and maybe 1-2 that were inaccurate and voided. This is in the job list when expanding to the PO view (below)this is fixedPurchase Order Tom McDonald
Cleaning up Decorator PO being discussed and mocked up Purchase Order Affiliates and Vendors
On PO creation, make it so Add/New does no require Zip to be able to put in custom info other than PickupPurchase Order
Setting Font color and sizes for PO Being worked on Purchase Order Jim Gonzalez/Louis Kaplan
"EDI" for other vendors. Purchase Order Eric/Affiliates
Ability to check off that an order has been picked up and is complete essentially notifying that a line is not going to be receivng trackingPurchase Order Multiple Affiliates
Recommended a reminder module on the left hand side to see a list of all current reminders and ability to edit them instead of having them just on each individual jobReminderChris Hartley
Why are all the notes from the prior order gone when you place a reorder?May be a gltich Reorders
An exact reorder of apparel – created from a prior order – does not show the apparel goods shipping to the decorator selected on the prior order?Fixed Repeat JobDave Alter
Jim would like to have repeat jobs reference the suppliers previous sales order or invoice number as the repeated PO number is not always helpful to his supplier. Jim stated this would save him a lot of time.Repeat JobJim Nolin
Would like to see ability to edit quantities when select repeat job rather than going into each line itemThis is available Repeat JobKen Alfiero
Repeat orders: Doesn’t like how many job options there are when creating a repeat order.Repeat JobKimberly Anderson
Confused why there is an up and down arrow to the right of the report, but there is also page numbers (1,2,etc) – There is no option to view more lines so the scroll arrow doesn’t do anything for her. Reporting Kimberly Anderson
Item Sales Report to be added Reporting Nicole
Combined Report for customer info and contat info Reporting Susan Woolf
Totally customizable reports. A way to choose what data you would like to see and export it into a report This is brought up alot by affiliates in generalReporting Multiple Affiliates
Would like a rework of the Estimated Commission Reports. The way it displays on screen is very confusing and inefficient. The different “tabs” are broken out by pagination as opposed to just scrolling vertically till you get to the section you want. Additionally, it doesn’t keep them listed in the same order as it has them displayed in the Summary (i.e Paid Jobs were on Pg3 as apposed to top of the list). Essentially, he feels it should function the same way as the excel format, but on that modal. He mentioned if you would like some feedback on this, he is available to discussSome parts of this have been fixed Reporting Dan Hagney
A report that combines the Order Journal/Item Detail Journal and the Customer contact information, so we can see what customers have purchased, sales, and their info all inone comprehensive report instead of having to combine themReporting Tom McDonald
Report that combines the Job summary Detail and Financial Review to give better information Reporting Sheri Steinle/AFP
Add a clear/reset search field to the vendor moduleSearchMarc Turko
if we click on one job, we cannot go back to the search… that is also painstaking long and tedious… the search disappears and if you "entered" a job number instead of copy and paste it… could we at least have some kind of "memory" of latest data entered?… you know.. you start typing and he rest fills in…???…It was implemented that when you go back to the search, your criteria remainsSearchChris Hartley
Will iSUITE get a makeover for mobile, she feels it is fairly nonfunctional. SystemLes Sattin
Shipment section under jobs module did not display PO status, Shipped, Method or tracking. Tracking numbers should be more visible in this fieldTrackingTom McDonald
Looking for tracking info in DRAFTED job. I clicked on the little arrow and assumed I’d see the tracking numbers as I have not received the goods yet… This is what I see: Shouldn’t I be seeing tracking numbers? if you cannot see, it’s job #1784754CZ. I see the same problem with PENDING VENDOR INVOICE status… cannot see tracking… Tracking needs to be visible all the time as you do not know when you need access to this. ACTUALLY I am not seeing any tracking information. Am I the only one?…TrackingChris Hartley
Often, if we have a shipment of numerous cartons to one address, we get one tracking number - that’s perfectly fine.  What I want to know is "How do we ensure we get multiple tracking when shipping to multiple addresses".  I know this is something Affiliate services need to address but I believe  it could be helped or triggered by the system if it was able to indicate how many tracking numbers should be inputted based on the number of addresses.TrackingChris Hartley
Asked if we can enlarge the font on Decoration PO, it is really small and there is a lot of white space to use. UIMark Turko
Working in iSuite to delete previous lines and adding new to existing order. THANKS for making these fields dynamic.  A couple of things:  1) The Line item at top that we are working in needs to be EASY to read - suggestion to remove background shadow & bold and increase font size for text.  2) "+" button to add line item should say "Add Item" so it’s clear;  suggest to move to left since that’s where our eye goes when adding details to the new line.  3) Finally submit button too low on page – recommend moving up to each line items OR just move up on page and change the button name to "submit all."UIMichelle Cochran
Ability to be able to move and adjust the widths of the colums in the system to see more information UIChris Hartley
Make these blue contact areas clickable so we can call or email straight from order page that would be helpful!” - Job Detail screen headerUIMichelle Cochran
Today we have a job level view, and can look at PO’s within a job so long as we open a specific job. I want a global view all jobs and all po’s within all jobs on one screen sort-able. Same info for all I can them sort on all pos’ ship dated; all po’s status (not sure what this is as status on my PO’s are all blank). Double sort by vendor then date (i do a lot of apparel so have multiple orders at a decorator and want to review status of all easily and at one time). It seems we are close but instead of opening individual jobs we have a global open all UITom Mcdonald
Add a clear search button on all searches in the system UI Eric Porter
Font size and color – this seems to be an issue across the board with Affiliates.Ongoing but some changes have already been made UI Multiple Affiliates
If there is a clickable link I would prefer that the font stands out whether it’s a different color or somethingOngoing but some changes have already been made UI Jim Gonzalez
Hyperlinks should be a different color, so you know that they are click-able Duplicate Request UI Jim Gonzalez
Customizable UI and ability to choose what modules, functions, information they want to see. Affiliates, Sales reps, rep employees, may only want to see certain information or perform certain tasks, such as only placing orders, only following up on orders, or some may need to see reporting, and/or financials etc. Understand this would be a big projectUI Multiple Affiliates
In Product details, moving the Additional Info for Customer out of the advanced details and closer to the descriptions. This allows to have all the product details and information in one areaUI Michelle Cochran
If you hover over the ellipsis dots and action cannot be taken, the cursor should not change UI Jim Gonzalez
DISCUSSION: What is the true purpose of the Artwork tab in relation to the order process UI Multiple Affiliates
Vendor info - need to add link inside iSuite to open vendor price list and attachments as a pdf or excel spreadhseet (see attached says see Xebra) If it won’t all be here in iSuite, should link out to Affiliate Webzone where it can be found VendorMichelle Cochran
When looking at vendors it would be helpful if you could toggle the total Orders and LTM $ to show for the entire company. Thsi would help affiliates see if other affiliates are using this vendor as well. VendorMultiple Affiliates
Ability to add Tracking without using a PO # Kim Anderson
Access tracking number faster with less clicksBeing worked on Multiple affiliates

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