iPROMOTEu Affiliate Valerie Hayman Sklar, Corporate Specialties, LLC, was a featured contributor to the December 21st Forbes Business Council article, “14 Personal Branding Trends You’ll See in 2022, According to Business Leaders“.

Personal branding is integral to both the image of a leader and the image of their company. Business leaders need to be conscious of the values and representations of themselves that they project to others as this usually reflects on their business.

Each year, personal branding trends change based on new technology or new global values, and 2022 will be no different. From an increase in human-based content to a shift toward minimalism, 14 Forbes Business Council leaders predict the newest personal branding trends of the new year and how to jump on them.

Representing Yourself Consistently To Others

My personal branding focus for 2022 is consistency. Whether it’s participating in online communities, returning calls or providing presentations, be consistent. By representing yourself consistently in terms of brand image—also having a consistent visible presence in terms of the frequency with social media posts, blogs or email newsletters—customers and prospects know what to expect. That’s comforting. – Valerie Hayman SklarCorporate Specialties LLC



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