Vendor Relations FAQs

Please go to the Request New Vendor section on the Affiliate WebZone. Please note, we require a W-9 (officially, the “Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification”) document from vendors. We are required by law to carry this document when we do business with a vendor. A request will be sent to the vendor upon submission of the New Vendor form, but anything you can do to help expedite this would be much appreciated.

If you are unable to find a product through either ESP or SAGE, there are a couple of avenues you can use for assistance. On the Affiliate WebZone, you can search through ZOOMcatalog, which will bring up the product from Elite, Preferred Reward, & Preferred Vendor catalogs.

Additionally, you can use the Ideas Network to pick the brains of the affiliate network. To sign up, click here. If you have exhausted all avenues and are still unable to find products, you can contact Catherine, Mark, and Affiliate Services for additional help.

Please let us know where you have searched, so we do not duplicate work; and as much detail of your needs, such as qty, colors, pricing limits, dates needed, etc.

iPROMOTEu Preferred Vendor Program (iPVP) FAQs

The iPVP is a unique program comprised of qualified Preferred Vendors whose participation level is identified by four (4) separate tiers: ELITE PLUS; ELITE; REWARD; and PREFERRED. You can find a full explanation of the Program and a listing of all Preferred Vendors and their respective participation here.

It is possible during the year that additional vendors will be added to the iPVP and that certain Preferred Vendors may switch tiers. One of the major benefits of the iPVP to Affiliates is the cash redistribution you will receive on product purchases with Preferred Vendors in the Elite Plus, Elite, and Reward tiers. The cash redistribution breakdown is as follows:

ELITE PLUS: 2.0% Cash Redistribution (Paid Quarterly) Please note our vendors require 30-45 days following a quarter to process payment to iPROMOTEu for affiliate cash redistributions.

ELITE: 1.5% Cash Redistribution (Paid Annually)

REWARD: 1.0% Cash Redistribution (Paid Annually)

On the dashboard of the iPROMOTEu Xebra Order Management System (XOMS), information notifying Affiliates of the dollar amount of their cash redistribution earned YTD as well as the dollar amount potentially lost or foregone due to placing orders with non-preferred vendors is visible.

Preferred Vendors deliver the best overall value based on the following: Ease of Ordering: With an established relationship, it’s easier to order from Preferred Vendors, which in turn reduces transaction costs. Also, terms and conditions have already been established, which improves efficiency. Savings Due to Aggregated Purchasing Power: The aggregation of total purchases is an incentive for Preferred Vendors to offer the best possible price and other benefits to our Affiliates. Reduced Risk: Service levels are higher because Preferred Vendors have a stronger commitment to iPROMOTEu and our Affiliates.

iPROMOTEu has considerable leverage and can hold Preferred Vendors more accountable in ensuring the products and services meet the expectations of our Affiliates. If expectations are not met, our Vendor Relations Team will work with Preferred Vendor executives to assist in resolving disputes in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Here is a list of all Preferred Vendors and their respective participation tier (it is possible during the year that additional vendors will be added to the iPVP and that certain Preferred Vendors may switch tiers). The list of the Preferred Vendors also can be found on the Affiliate WebZone here, and Preferred Vendors can also be identified in XOMS using the Preferred Supplier Search under Vendors.

Absolutely. However, it is essential to note that because it is more costly to work with non-preferred vendors, a modest non-preferred vendor fee (NVP Fee) will be applied to orders placed with non-preferred vendors. Also, the NPV Fee is important to our Preferred Vendors as consideration for the enhanced iPVP and increased cash redistribution to Affiliates.

The NPV Fee is just 0.5% (0.005) of the product purchases from any non-preferred vendor (not including decorators or printers or iPROMOTEu recommended importers). To put this in perspective, on a $1,000 order at a 35% margin and a cost of $650, the NPV Fee would be just $3.25. On the other hand, this same order with a Preferred Vendor could result in a cash redistribution of up to $13.00. To be able to provide the cash redistribution to Affiliates pursuant to the iPVP, and because of the extra administrative cost involved when working with non-preferred vendors, the modest NPV Fee became a necessity. Please contact Catherine (x370) or Mark (x304) with any questions you may have regarding the iPVP Program.


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