Introduction to the Remittance Instructions Group

The Remittance Instructions Program is in place to ensure that all parties (Affiliate, Customer and iPROMOTEu) understand our relationship and the remittance policies of iPROMOTEu. iPROMOTEu must bill and collect from the customer directly on all orders placed through iPROMOTEu. This is conveyed through a Remittance Instructions letter that is e-mailed to you and your customer.

Please direct inquiries regarding the Remittance Instruction Program to or by contacting 800-850-3370The Team at the Remittance Instruction Program Desk is readily available to answer any questions you may have.

Click below to view an example of a Remittance Letter to a customer. 


Order Support FAQs

The Order Support Team Follow-Up Process is triggered by the creation of a purchase order document in XOMS. You must generate a purchase order document for each Supplier on every Order that you wish the Order Support Team to follow-up on.

***A PO document must be created even for the select Suppliers that iPROMOTEu has approved for online order submission. If you do not create a PO Document, Order Support will never be notified of the Order’s existence. Failure to generate a PO Document can also significantly delay the Invoicing process.***

While we are here to help when needed, it is the responsibility of the Affiliate to generate a purchase order document and to forward the document directly to the Supplier.

The foundation of the Order Support Team Follow-Up Procedure is what we refer to as the “Three Core Follow-Ups.” These Follow-Ups are as follows:

The first of the Core Follow-Ups occurs two business days after you have created the purchase order document. Order Support will check with the Vendor to confirm that your PO has been received and obtain a ship date if possible. Order Support will repeat the First Core Follow-Up until a ship date is confirmed.

***If the Supplier advises Order Support that the Order was not received, you will receive an email from Order Support informing you to resubmit the purchase order document directly to the Supplier with “do not duplicate” noted on it. Order Support will, unless they receive notice from you that the PO has been resubmitted, follow-up with the Supplier 48 hours after the re-submission to confirm that the Supplier has successfully obtained your order request.***

The second Core Follow-Up occurs two business days before the scheduled ship date of your Order. The purpose of this follow-up is to confirm that the Order is still expected to ship on the previously communicated ship date. This is the only follow-up for which Order Support will not continue to contact the Supplier if they fail to respond.

The third Core Follow-Up will occur the day after shipment. Order Support will contact the Vendor to obtain tracking numbers. Order Support will continue to contact the Supplier until tracking is received. If you have received tracking directly from the Supplier, please contact Order Support or update XOMS instantly.

After tracking has been acquired and entered into XOMS, the job is marked “pending vendor invoice.” The Order Support will then fill in the “date completed” field. Whenever possible, the date completed will list the actual ship date of the Order.

Our primary mode of communication with Suppliers is email. However, if a satisfactory response to our emailed inquiry is not received, Order Support will phone the Supplier no later than 24 hours after the original email was sent.

Suppliers will often relay important information regarding an order to Order Support during the follow-up process. If this occurs, Order Support will forward you any information from the Supplier that requires a direct response. Once the Order Support Team has forwarded this information to you, it becomes your responsibility to contact the Supplier with further advisement directly.

The benefits of listing a valid Ship Date AND In-Hands Date:

* Now, more than ever, vendors are prioritizing orders they believe to be time-sensitive.

* If Order Support knows when you expect an order to ship, this knowledge empowers them when speaking to the Vendor and allows for proper notification to you so that you may take action or give them direction.

* Obtaining a ship date from the Vendor and including it on your Order helps us hold the Vendor liable for meeting that date. The Vendor can’t say they were not properly informed.

* With a vendor verified ship date, you’re able to give your Customer an accurate expectation as to when they may expect to receive their goods.

* Knowledge is power. The more knowledge all parties have about you and your Customer’s expectations, the stronger the chance of a hassle-free ordering and production experience you are likely to have.

We understand that rush orders are a part of this industry. A “rush” checkbox is present in XOMS and available to you as an option when creating your Order. However, it may be checked at any point in the “Production” cycle of the job. Checking this box will immediately send an email notification to Order Support and will cause XOMS to give the particular order precedence on their Order Support Management Report.

 *** Please appropriately mark jobs as RUSH only when you have entered into a direct agreement with a Supplier for expedited service on a particular job as we will assume we have the authority to ensure your dates are met using appropriate expedited service as necessary ***

Many of our preferred Suppliers grant us special sample terms (contact the Supplier to confirm what those terms are). To benefit from these terms, the sample order must be placed through our XOMS Order Management System and submitted to the Supplier. Enter the Order into XOMS like any other order and mark it as a Sample when creating the Order.

Having samples is an important tool when selling products, and iPROMOTEu recognizes the value of being able to show Customers a physical sample. To that end, iPROMOTEu does not charge any fees on sample or self-promotion orders that are billed to you at no margin (i.e., the cost and the sell prices are the same). By putting a price on your sample, this allows us to provide you with documentation of your expenses for tax purposes. Because iPROMOTEu does not charge any extra fees on sample orders or self-promotions, we do not follow-up on these orders as we would for regular customer orders.

Remittance Instructions FAQs

The Remittance Instruction Program is in place to ensure that all parties (Affiliate, customer, and iPROMOTEu) understand our relationship and the remittance policies of iPROMOTEu. iPROMOTEu must bill and collect from the customer directly on all orders placed through iPROMOTEu. This is conveyed through a Remittance Instructions letter that is emailed to you and your customer.

The Remittance Instruction Document is sent out approximately two business days after a PO has been submitted to the Supplier. A document is sent for each order placed until the customer returns a written response or until the customer has remitted their first payment directly to iPROMOTEu. The document is emailed from Return information is contained within the body of the document.

iPROMOTEu requests a single written response to the Remittance Instruction Document from each customer new to being billed by iPROMOTEu on behalf of your Affiliate organization. Standard orders will not incur a delay while iPROMOTEu awaits a written response.

***It is important to note that the customer will receive a document for each order placed until a written response is received or until the first payment is received directly from the customer***

***The Remittance Document must be returned by the customer directly to iPROMOTEu. If it is sent to you, the Affiliate, and then forwarded, the document will not be accepted***

***A signed Remittance Document may be required for any order placed that iPROMOTEu has qualified as a “large order.” This is an order placed for a customer exceeding $7,000.00 in Supplier costs and/or $10,000.00 in customer sell pricing. If iPROMOTEu requires the customer to return a signed Remittance Document, the Affiliate will be notified via email before the document being emailed to the customer. If a signed Remittance Document is required, it must be received before the large order completing production and shipment. More information can be found in the “large order” section of this policy and procedural document***

Not typically. The only time an order is subject to hold is if iPROMOTEu is requiring the return of a signed remittance document. We may require a signed document if the customer has delinquent receivables and/or you’ve placed a large order for the customer ($7,000 in cost and/or $10,000 in the sale). If this will be a requirement of any particular order, iPROMOTEu will notify you in advance to discuss further.

A remittance instruction document is sent for each order until iPROMOTEu receives a written response to the document or until the customer makes their first payment to iPROMOTEu on your behalf.

XOMS will recognize any newly created Customer Code as a new and separate Customer. The system does not cross-reference against previously created Customer Codes. To prevent a document from being sent upon creation of the newly created Customer Code, email your request to


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