Accounts Payable FAQs

As you begin with iPROMOTEu, your frequently used vendors may still issue invoices to you until they transition you to iPROMOTEU’s account. You can send invoices you received to If this is for the prepayment of an order, please send it to  with PREPAYMENT REQUEST included in the subject line.

We apologize for the inconvenience, please direct to the AP Team CCing Affiliate Services, and we will work with your vendor. Please also forward any emails or communication you have received as well.

Any vendor requiring a prepayment, deposit payment, or credit card payment will need to send either a proforma invoice or a final invoice with freight charges to CCing with PREPAYMENT REQUEST included in the subject line. The AP Staff will process the payment within 48 hours to the vendor once proper documentation is received. Sales orders, Order acknowledgments, or Order confirmations are not acceptable payment documents. If truly URGENT, please also include in the subject line.

We can supply you with a one-time virtual credit card. Start the order online, and you will need to provide the following and your order confirmation from the website. Please send it to

Accounts Payable is currently working with the affiliates and the vendors regarding vendor sales tax. We will be reaching out for Affiliates to provide current copies of their “home state” resale certificates. (Please understand that your state registration is not a Resale Certificate unless it clearly states it can be used for this purpose) We will work with the vendors to have credits issued for any sales tax charged in error.

All invoices need to be in USD for US affiliates (the system is not capable of multiple currency payments) and in CAD for Canadian Affiliates

iPROMOTEu’s Accounts Payable Department cannot alter any payment to a vendor without documentation. If a vendor offers to give you a verbal credit while you’re discussing a dispute, please inform that vendor that we must receive some form of documentation (credit memo, email, etc.) directly from the vendor with the amount of the credit clearly stated.

If a payment to the vendor needs to be delayed or is being disputed, please enter in a Dispute on the job immediately and inform the Accounts Payable team as soon as you are aware of the problem. We want to ensure that it doesn’t get paid in error.

ALL CREDIT MEMOS SHOULD BE SENT TO THE INVOICING DEPARTMENT via email at Please do not ask for a revised invoice from the vendor. Revised invoices are inherently confusing and counterproductive to good accounting practices. If you have any questions about this at all, please ask the Accounts Payable Manager.


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