Credits & Disputes FAQs

Since you typically have a rapport with the vendor, we recommend you contact them first to resolve an issue. Regardless of if you need our assistance or not, you should enter in a dispute on the job. This will ensure we do not pay the vendor by stopping the AP process until the issue is resolved.

The dispute form is in the More section in XOMS on the Main Tab. There is a minimum amount of information iPROMOTEu Disputes Manager will need to process your request for dispute. The OK button on the dispute form will be disabled until you have filled out the minimum mandatory data. As soon as you submit your dispute, you will receive a Xebra system message, confirming that we received your dispute. For more information, You may contact Celia Mendoza at

You can also find documentation on the process below:

Credits and Disputes Management

  •  The team reviews disputes submitted in XOMS, reaches out to vendors regarding the dispute and reaches a resolution acceptable to the Affiliate for their customer.
  • Follows up with Affiliates on disputes outcomes, etc. discount amounts are acceptable for the customer, the redo acceptable to the customer.
  • Follows up on vendor-related credits and disputes with vendors.
  • Enters all vendor credits – refunds
  • Follows up with the appropriate departments (invoicing team, AR coordinator) and Affiliate advising them that the dispute on their other has been resolved as desired.
  • Works closely with the shipping team with disputes regarding our shipping initiative.

This can vary from vendor to vendor and situation to situation. For example, request to return of blank goods to a supplier will result in a credit being issued much more quickly than a dispute over unsatisfactory goods. Questions on any particular dispute can be emailed directly to

You can see a list of all your Disputes from the Disputes Manager on your Dashboard from either the Quick Filters or under the Orders dropdown/Disputes Manager. For more information, go here: Credits and Disputes Management

This can vary from vendor to vendor. The average window to receive an agreed-upon vendor credit is between 10 & 15 business days.

Ultimately, the Affiliate is responsible for payment of all orders placed through iPROMOTEu. This is why it is so important to choose your vendors wisely. A list of preferred suppliers can always be found on the Affiliate Webzone. We also have a list of “Avoid Vendors” on the Affiliate Webzone. You will be notified by Credits & Disputes of all vendor responses and dispute outcomes, both positive and negative.


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