Accounts Receivable FAQs

  1. Upon the release of the invoice to the customer, iPROMOTEu will send out a reminder five days past the due date, based upon payment terms (the standard payment term is typically 30 days). iPROMOTEu will send a friendly reminder to your customer along with a gentle notification that we have yet to receive payment on the order.
    1. For customers with terms less than Net 30, the first letter will be sent out five days after their terms expire.
  2. Once the invoice is overdue by approximately ten days past term, the Accounts Receivable Department will contact your customer via phone and/or via email.
    1. The purpose of the contact is:
      1. To obtain payment status
      2. To ensure that your customer has all documentation/information that they require
      3. To assist with resolving issues preventing your customer from remitting payment
  3. In addition to the initial customer contact attempt, your Accounts Receivable Department will continue to follow up via phone call and/or email until payment is received. You may be asked to collaborate with the Accounts Receivable Department if needed.

All the collection procedures used by iPROMOTEu are based on Net 30 terms. You should feel free to choose tighter payment terms for your customers, such as Net 15 or Due Upon Receipt.  Please be aware, however, that the fees which iPROMOTEu imposes associated with late customer payments will take effect as specified in your agreement with iPROMOTEu. Also, make sure you are having a discussion with your customer and agree. Just because you provide tighter terms does not mean their company is set up to pay that way. We may follow up earlier than you or your customer would like us to. Some companies, such as hospitals or government agencies, will not pay in 30 days due to their restrictions.

IMPORTANT:  When choosing “Credit Card Terms,” please be sure the credit card information is entered in the Customer Billing Profile screen. When the job is invoiced, the customer will be charged immediately, and a receipt sent to the email address in the billing field. If you do not want your customer to be charged immediately, choose the Net 30 option. For iPROMOTEu not to attempt collection based on 30-day terms, you will need to obtain approval from the Accounts Receivable Manager or the Chief Financial Officer.

The AR Aging Summary section on the Dashboard in XOMS was made to make this very easy. You can click on the Details link, and it pulls this report.

Your customers will be directed to make payments to a lock-box located in (ENTER LOCK-BOX STATE AND CITY).  We will also set you up with an online payment website, as an easy, convenient way your customers can make payment. This can be set-up to show your logo as soon as your logo has been received.

Through XOMS, you can manage draft invoices you receive, which enables you to send invoices to your customers faster and therefore enables you to get paid sooner.

For your orders that are drafted, you will see a clickable link in the email you receive notifying you of the draft. Clicking this link will take you to the Manage Draft Invoices page.

Once on the Manage Draft Invoices Page, you will notice that there are several different panes, each containing information or an approval option.

In summary, the Manage Draft Invoices page gives you the tools needed to perform the most frequently requested changes to drafts and send out the final invoice to the customer without any delay. It also gives you the ability to request help from the Invoicing Team for the more difficult changes.

You can choose a different lock-box when creating your customer or anytime afterward. The field is found in the Customer Billing section. Click on the magnifying glass and choose the closest lock-box to the customer.


If a check is inadvertently sent and made payable to an Affiliate, the Affiliate must contact Accounts Receivable upon receipt and mail the check immediately to our Wayland, MA office. Kindly advise your customer to make all future payments payable to iPROMOTEu. For your customer’s convenience, a credit card or check payment may be processed on your website.

Yes, because you are the seller, your customer will typically need your company information. However, you will need to enter iPROMOTEu information for any remittance info. We will provide you with a packet that contains the majority of the required information. However, if your customer needs the original form filled out, you can contact Accounts Receivable for assistance.

If you have a customer that requires special communication, extra TLC, delayed payments, pre-payments, etc. Please reach out to the Accounts Receivable Manager, and they can work with you.

Under the More Menu on the Main Tab of an order in XOMS, you will see an option Create Deposit Request. This option will allow you to choose a percentage of 0%-100% to send to your customer for payment on orders before they are invoiced. This can often be more beneficial than pre-billing your customers, as they will still receive a final invoice with any changes in price that may have occurred, and it also does not start the “invoicing” clock. Additionally, pre-billing customers can remove the order from internal follow-up reports and locks it from future edits until it is re-opened.

For more information on how to create a deposit request, please click below:

Creating Deposit Requests in XOMS

If your customers require that you perform this service on their behalf, we recommend you consider our VAP service or self-management to satisfy your customer’s requirement. To find out about this VAP service, click here.


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