Affiliate Payment FAQs

iPROMOTEu processes profit disbursement once per week on Wednesday. This will include your payout for any orders paid in full the previous week.

The deadline for receipt of payments by iPROMOTEu for inclusion in the following week’s disbursement is Friday, 5:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time. For example, an order paid in full from the 8th through the 14th; profit disbursement will be processed on the 18th (see calendar example below)

You will need to receive an email from our Accounting department with your log-in information to access our online payroll (Paylocity) system

Please email a request for your info along with the following forms and a void check or bank letter with account information to

Blank W-9

Direct Deposit Form

They can complete your set up once forms are returned.

By default, you will solely receive a physical check and stub mailed to you for payments.  To set up a direct deposit, and if you want to access past check stubs on-demand (among other features), you will have to log-in to this system.  We highly encourage you to log-in and set up your direct deposit ASAP. 

You can retrieve our W-9s here. It is broken out by the lock-boxes; please send them the W-9 for the appropriate location. This can be found in the remit section of the invoice, or you can contact Affiliate Services for more information.

My customer sent a check, why don’t you have it yet?

There could be a few reasons why we haven’t seen the payment.

  • The check was not made out to iPROMOTEu, and the bank is forwarding it to the office. This can take up to 10 business days from the date the check was mailed.
  • The mail takes an average of 4 to 5 business from the date the check is mailed to be received at the lock-box. NOTE: Please be mindful of the weather or other possible delays.
  • The check was not mailed on the exact date the customer said it was mailed (ex: Check was cut Friday but not mailed out until next business day etc.)

We do not have contact information for the lock-boxes. The lock-boxes are post office boxes that the bank picks payments up from several times a day.

We do not hold checks that come into the office. Most checks are deposited and posted into XOMS the day they come into the office. If we are unable to deposit (i.e., our check scanner cannot read the check), a note is put into XOMS. The note would state that a check has been received and the date that we will be sending it to the bank. We do overnight delivery to the bank on Fridays.

The lock-boxes pick up our payments several times a day from the post office boxes and deposit the payments into our account. Each lock-box makes deposits into our account up to 6 pm each day Monday through Friday. We post the payments into Xebra the following day, using the date of the deposit. The lock-box does not hold payments. It may be that the check was not made out to iPROMOTEu and is in the process of being sent to the office here in Wayland. It might also be that the customer did not mail the check on the exact date they gave you.

The Estimated Affiliate Proceeds section on the Dashboard in XOMS was made to make this very easy. You can click on the Details link, and it pulls this Expected Payment report. This will show you what you are getting paid in the next pay period, the period after that, as well as a breakdown of all of your orders in the system and Net Proceeds.


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