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Did you know the estimated industry average repeat order rate is 25%?

A proactive approach in reminding clients it’s time to reorder can assist with:

Securing orders faster | Better planning for their promotional needs |Increasing YOUR sales

iPROMOTEu is making it easy for Affiliates to remind clients it’s time to reorder!

How to run your custom Reorder Report:


Log in to iSUITE Order Management System

Using your iSUITE login credentials login to the iSUITE Order Management System at


Accessing the Reorder Report

  1. From the iSUITE Order Management System dashboard click on the “reporting” tab located at the bottom of the menu in the left-hand column.
  2. From the reporting dashboard, under the Other Reports Section, click on ‘reorder’.


Enter Your Report Criteria

In the Reorder Report pop-up window enter your report criteria and click submit to generate your custom report results.

EXAMPLE – Run the reorder report for sales in the previous year for an upcoming quarter.

  • Criteria: In September 2021, run the reorder report for Q4 of 2020:  START DATE 10/1/2020 and END DATE 12/31/2020. This query will return all the orders you placed within that time period of the previous year.  



View your Reorder Report Results

View results generated from your search criteria for previous orders here. These results will include: contact information, job title, a link to a job (order details) where you can find complete details about that order, a link to send a reminder email directly from the iSUITE Order Management System, and/or a link to download the reminder email to a word document. If you would like to see the individual items associated with the order, you can click on the arrow in the first column to expand. 


NOVEMBER 17, 2021


Both Gary Goodhart and Guy Dupuis are available for one-on-one sessions to review the Reorder Program and how to put it to work for you and your business!

Gary Goodhart, MAS

800-850-3370, x434

Guy Dupuis, MAS

800-850-3370 x136


Send or Download Reorder Email

The reorder report will give you the option to send an email to the client directly from iSUITE asking for the reorder or to download a Word document to customize a letter for a mailing.



Download Reorder Report Results

The reorder report contains a feature to export an Excel file of the clients you have emailed. Save that file and make notes on your follow-up progress. If you have an Assistant, you can delegate this task.

After your email or letter has been sent, start making plans to follow up with clients for reorders.

Be PROACTIVE and reach out to your client before they order somewhere else. Once you have spoken to the client, if they want to look for something different, this will allow you time to get samples for the client to review, create virtual samples of other items, and create spec samples of other items.

Q4 2022

When sending the Reorder Reminder letter to clients, include the products in your direct mail campaign.

The items are lightweight and flat in design so they will fit perfectly within a padded envelope and your budget!

Click on the thumbnails below to view full-size images.

*US Pricing Shown


When placing your order, please reference this promotional code:
iPROMOTEu Self-Promo Order
on your PO to receive the special pricing and note any additional promo codes referenced by the supplier
included within the product information blocks.

*offers to expire 6/30/2022 unless otherwise noted. 


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Lori Bauer, SVP of Affiliate Sales & Support

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