If you’re just getting started or simply need a refresher, here are top strategies from social savvy peers on improving your digital marketing strategy.

Taken in full, social media is an insatiable beast that never sleeps. It constantly craves content and requires it to be delivered in ever-more-novel ways. New platforms appear, fold and then pop back up again (looking at you, YikYak). The major platforms try to mimic the success of newer, cooler sites, with varying levels of success (RIP, Twitter Fleets). And by the time you figure out the viral challenge everyone is talking about, it’s probably already passé or possibly even banned (that’s gotta hurt, Milk Crate Challenge).

Keeping up with it all is exhausting. But here’s the good news: You don’t have to be active on every app, nor do you have to jump onto every trend. In fact, that could actually be counter-productive to your marketing efforts. Instead, be strategic and focus on the sites where your customers are most likely to hang out. “Before you sign up for any platform, it’s super important that you have a firm idea of what your ideal audience looks like,” says Melissa Newman, social media manager for ASI. Once you understand your audience, you can figure out which platforms will serve you best and craft a social media content strategy that works for you and your business goals.

To help you tame the social media beast, we’ve created this comprehensive guide packed with up-to-date tips and actionable strategies gleaned from other promo professionals who have thrived on the most popular platforms. From targeting your ideal audience to exploring the most popular social media platforms in-depth, these ideas will help boost your visibility and carve out a path to more clients and increased sales. Use these ideas in your journey to become a social media success story.

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SOURCE: ASI Central 

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