Online, our advertised lead times are written as 7 days for catalog quantity. As we still have 24hr rush suspended, we are not showing any bucket as 1 day, to avoid the 24hr. confusion. We will show 3 days as the lowest lead time.


Standard production time for in-stock items, quantities up to the end quantity displayed on primeline.com; one color/location imprints (unless otherwise noted) is 7 business days (3 business days for Sanitizers).

•            Heat Transfers are 7-10 days lead time.

•            The lead times below are based on how many days until AWS can assign a ship date, for an order received today.

•            Daily, efforts are made to pull load balance buckets between facilities.

•            Gray means the Deco location does not offer that deco method.

•            These lead times are for catalog quantity orders in hard goods.

•            24hr. rush remains suspended.

Kathryn Lynch | Director – Order Management

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